Musical Exploration: Future Islands

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Every now and again, we at Kodis Agency like to share new finds with one-another. The thought hit us recently that if we are sharing and liking the music in our own digital halls, then maybe other might be interested in some of the new finds that circulate through the office pretty frequently. This blog […]

How to Hire a Freelance Creative

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So you want to hire a creative? Well, I can tell you from experience it can be a difficult task… and by difficult, I’m talking about passing a kidney stone. I have had 3 in my lifetime, and they easily equate to the pain of working with the wrong person. Over time, Kodis has developed […]

The client thinks you’re a tool!

To clarify, when I say tool, I’m not talking about you being an idiot. I mean an actual physical tool (like a screwdriver, or a hammer).  The reason they think you’re a tool is based on their perception of you or your brand. Perception affects who will talk to you, how much you will be […]