Musical Exploration: Future Islands

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Every now and again, we at Kodis Agency like to share new finds with one-another. The thought hit us recently that if we are sharing and liking the music in our own digital halls, then maybe other might be interested in some of the new finds that circulate through the office pretty frequently.

This blog post is not a formal review of the content being shared as much as as show-n-tell of what’s new, and what we like.

I was first exposed to Future Islands last year when they came through Salt Lake City to play the Twilight Concert Series (not affiliated with the Vampire series). The series features a lot of diversity in its musical offerings, so I always find it interesting to see who they have selected every year. Sometimes they are acts I already know, and sometimes it’s something new that I’ve never heard of before. Future Islands was one of those bands I had never heard in my search for new music.

I’m pretty focused on the indy and electronic music scene, so I was interested to see what this bad had to offer. I played through the album “Singles” a few times, and the one song that caught my attention the most was Seasons (Waiting On You). A quick look on Spotify will tell you that most people feel the same way I do, as it is the most listened to track by Future Islands. The synth-pop melodies that played around lead singer Samuel T Herring’s raspy vocals intrigued me. The song really grew on my me and became a favorite of mine until BADBADNOTGOOD did a total reinterpretation on the song which, frankly, blew my mind.

What started as a synth-pop song turned into a modernized-sounding Motown track that could have been produced in the 60’s, but with the audio mastering of modern times. I’m not even really a fan of this type of music, but the reinterpretation is just so good that you have to listen to it.

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